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From Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya

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Real Name Mazlina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Mar 6, 1969

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* Added on 22 May, 2022
I have a bulk of 150+ postcards, all addressed to Russia still not being registered on IntPostage. I am not sure if this is because of our mail restrictions or if there is a problem in getting the postcards into Russia. But I am receiving a few cards from Russia, not as many as I used to but they do come in slowly. The pandemic has affected many of us, including our love for postcards. But fear not, I will keep sending as long as I am allowed although for the groups here, there is a limit as everything is capped at a maximum of 20 cards and as long as the ones I sent (that 150+ included) are not registered, I only have a small option. So to all my Russian friends, please be patient with me. I will keep sending you postcards from Malaysia no matter what, but I cannot be sure when they will reach you. My thoughts and wishes are for all of you and if you would want a long correspondence via email, you can reach me at Stay safe, stay calm and stay positive. Love and hugs always - Mazz

Hello everyone. My name is Mazlina but my friends call me Mazz.

My husband and I share our home with our 6 cats : Nana and her children Nini, Lili, Fifi & JonJon. We officially added a 6th when we rescued Dino. Dino like his name is a mini dinosaur, a small T-Rex in the body of a cat :)

I have been postcrossing for 6 years now and I love many types of postcards.

Cats, Dogs, any animal
Princess Diana or any royal family
Flags, WordCloud and Flags of the World
Maps or Pictorial Map of your country
Flowers especially Lilacs, Dahlias, Orchids
Cactus and Succulents
Katya Dudnik, Ekaterina Babok
Nadia Strelkina, Anette Loginova
Whales, Dolphins
Landscapes especially with waterfalls or lakes, mountains and forests

If for some reason your card is taking too long to reach me, then please send me a message with the ID.
I will be more than happy to register it for you.

I wish you joy in the sending and receiving of postcards, in building friendships and making someone smile.