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From Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya

Rating: 7828


Postcards 932 705
Souvenirs 94 76
Group Postages 484 362

Personal Info

Real Name Mazlina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Mar 6, 1969

Exchange Preferences

UPDATE : 21 January 2023

The postcards I sent in 2022 are finally being delivered across Russia.
Let us hope that it stays that way.
What a relief to finally be able to get some news to and from my friends here.

Hello everyone.
My name is Mazlina but my friends call me Mazz. You can call me that too.

I will be Postcrossing for 8 years this year and it has brought me joy and happiness in many ways.

I have a list of the things I like and enjoy seeing in my mail.

If you don't have them, it is okay. Just choose a card that you yourself would like to receive.

In some places, there is a postage increase, so do what you think is most suitable.
Envelope or without envelope, is fine with me.
Whichever is best and easiest for you.

I like :
Russian City Series especially from
Cats - my cat mama is Nana who is a diva
Coffee, Tea, Sweets, Chocolates
Flags, Maps
Art and drawings by Katya Dudnik, Katya Babok, Rina Zeniuk
as well as Nadia Strelkina, Anett Loginova, Irina Garmashova
Lambs, Cows, Sheep
Trains, Locomotives

If for some reason your card is taking too long to reach me, then please send me a message with the ID.
I will be more than happy to register it for you.