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Ryneiskaia Elena

From Russian Federation / Moscow City / Moscow

Rating: 376


Postcards 25 19
Souvenirs 0 0
Group Postages 43 69

Personal Info

Real Name Рынейская Елена
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 8, 1980


Higher education. Moscow Aviation Institute (Technical University), Faculty of Economics and Management, specialty "Information Systems in Economics", engineer-economist.


I live in Moscow. I work as an engineer in a medical organization. I have a dream to visit Japan, Peru, China.

Exchange Preferences

I would be glad to receive a postcard with:

- civil aircraft, trains,
- figure skating, ice skating - I received only one such postcard,
- aunt (grandmother) Inge Lek,
- the movie "Game of Thrones",
- the movie "Vikings",
- a photo of your city and cities that you have visited in other countries,
- space,
- postcards with humor,
- international women's Day on March 8;
- Victory Day on May 9;
- happy birthday on October 8th;
- stereo card (stereo-vario) - I have never received it yet,
- maximum card,
- and other options according to your request.

Art stamps are a good addition to a postcard.

I don't like:

- handmade,
- promotional postcards.

Write to me about yourself, your country, your city, and where you would like to go.

There's always a return address on my card. This is for the post office so that it can return the card back. This is not a hint that you should send me a thank-you card. But if you do, I will be very happy.