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From Russian Federation / Orenburg / Orenburg

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Real Name Бекмукашева Индира
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Apr 2, 2002

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Hi! I'm Indira from Russia .
I'm 17 y.o.
Here's some tips if you want to send card to me, I love any card but I prefer:
->Famous landmark in your country
->Movies, series, books
->BTS (Bangtan Boys)
->Anything famous in your country
->or anything you feel like you want to send to me,
Тell about yourself and your hobby, about your city or country, I find this interesting!

I am on Postcrossing and Postcard United as well so it would be very helpful if you could write IntPostage on the postcards so that I do not mix them up.

P.S. could you please send a coin from your country? (I collect coins)
P.P.S. Maybe you leave your email on the card so we can get in touch? If you are anyhow near my age then maybe we could become penpals?
P.P.P.S. I love to write letters too (yes, real letters, written by hand :) so I'm always looking for penpals. If you'd like to write me sent me a message and I'll give you my adress. :)

My instagram: avem.ii :)
My @mail.ru: ibekmukasheva@bk.ru

I respect and appreciate to any cards and stamps you are using. Send your post card as soon as possible too.