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Обмен интересными фотографиями в стиле Polaroid из различных городов и стран | The exchange of interesting photos in Polaroid style from different cities and countries

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From Hong Kong / Wong Tai Sin / Wong Tai Sin

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Sex Female


If you don't know which postcard you want to send to me, you may send the postcard which is related to these:
Map of your country
The place you have traveled before
Flowers (I like Gypsophila paniculata and Hydrangea)
Mountain & hill
Animals (I love kitten and dog)
People on the street
Smile of people
Night scene
Countryside view
Black & White style
Winnie the Pooh (my favorite cartoon character)
I collect unused stamps. If you are willing to share stamps with me, please put it into the envelope. I can send you back Hong Kong's stamps! I also collect postcards and coffee.

Exchange Preferences

blank postcard, unused stamps, coffee, coins or banknotes