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From Belgium / Antwerpen / Hoevenen

Rating: 240


Postcards 3 3
Souvenirs 4 4
Group Postages 16 75

Personal Info

Real Name Daphne
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Sep 30, 2001


I am Daphne, nice to meet you! I became a member of this site because I love receiving cards and letters. I hope to receive and send lovely cards. If you want you could write me a letter as well.

Exchange Preferences

Dear friends,

My name is Daphne. Thank you for writing me a card. I preserve all the cards I receive on my wall. I will be happy to receive any card from you.

I would love to get to know you. Please write something on your card. Tell me about yourself, your biggest dreams, your fears, your favorite recipe, your favorite passage from a book, your favorite quote, ...

The cards I adore the most are cards with: animals (cats and horses), flowers (roses and sunflowers), reading/books (romantic books or thrillers), drawing, plants, Harry Potter, magic, castles, writing, cooking/eating (chocolate), tarot, ...

Souvenirs I would like: tea, flower seeds, lucky charms, stones and bracelets.

Can't wait to receive a card from you!
~lots of love from Belgium~


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