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Самые необычные открытки!
Rain Lovers

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From Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Troisdorf

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Date Of Birth Mar 2, 1979

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hi all!

I know German, English
I'd like to collect postcards since I like traveling and I'd like to know more about the culture of your country / city :) my hobbies are writing, reading.
I was in different postcards for a few years, but I decided to try something new :)

I am the most unpretentious member of the exchange. I have no special preferences for postcards. Find among your postcards the one that seems the strangest to you, the one that you didn’t know who to send to before you opened my profile.
This postcard is exactly mine. Is the postcard sidelined for a long time? I am ashamed to send? Sorry to throw? Or is she just boring? Postcard of poor quality?

I am glad if I receive a postcard in the form of a piece of cardboard / magazine clipping / a piece of baking / piece of paper with stickers attached to it. Stupid pictures, funny monuments, postcards with stains ...

You can do everything: advertising, handmade, though a snapshot of your grandmother.

Cute kittens
Beautiful flowers
Classic architecture
Reproductions of paintings
Landscapes with beautiful nature
City Maps
High quality tourist cards

I have many hundreds of these cards ...

I look forward to your postcards

P.S I do not collect stamps, but I have too many used stamps (mostly on paper). They came from different countries. if someone is interesting, I will try to introduce them :)
I can send that as a gift. If a nice postage stamp makes you happy - I'll be happy, too.

lots of love,