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From Taiwan / Kao-hsiung / Nantzu

Rating: 820


Postcards 125 164
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Personal Info

Real Name Li-Chi

Exchange Preferences

Postcard (standard postcard size) especially love:
- Maxicards。
- Universe / Galaxy / Stars / Planets / Northern Lights / Solar eclipses / Space exploration。
- Marine organism / Rare animals / Whale / Basking shark / Tiger。
- Animation (Miyazaki Hayao / SNOOPY / Moomins / Squeeze Toy Aliens / Minions / Detective Comics / Marvel Comics / )。
- Painting (Ukiyo-e / Illustration / watercolor) 。
- City (Tibetan / Lisbon / Barcelona / Kyoto) 。
- Building / World Heritage / Cultural landscapes 。

I want to know what you like, or you can recommend some books / authors, music / musician or singer, movie / Director, TV Series, and Travel / Country. You can painting on the card.

Souvenirs :
stamps (new and old), postcrads,
coins, matchbox, beer bottle cap,
bookmarks, tag and design cards/business cards/beautiful free cards...

I collecting stamps (around the world) 、coins、 pretty business cards and advertising cards...
If it's not more expensive for you, send the surprise in an envelope.

Welcome swap.

Postcards NOT registered:
TW272 26-Oct-15 Russia
TW273 26-Oct-15 Russia
TW281 26-Oct-15 Russia
TW286 26-Oct-15 Russia
TW319 10-Nov-15 Ukraine
TW321 10-Nov-15 Russia
TW323 10-Nov-15 Russia
TW324 10-Nov-15 Russia
TW326 10-Nov-15 Russia
TW366 7-Dec-15 Russia
TW434 5-Jan-16 Russia
TW438 5-Jan-16 Belarus
TW523 1-Feb-16 Russia
TW552 5-Feb-16 Russia
TW565 3-Mar-16 Japan
TW602 11-Apr-16 Indonesia
TW618 21-Apr-16 Romania
TW620 21-Apr-16 Singapore
TW622 21-Apr-16 Russia
TW631 21-Apr-16 Russia
TW651 23-May-16 Russia