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From Hong Kong / Hong Kong / Tuen Mun San Hui

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Real Name Lucy
Date Of Birth Dec 17, 1997



Exchange Preferences

Please don't put "China" behind Hong Kong cause that will bring the mail to mainland then HK, which takes longer and might more likely be lost. So please follow my address exactly. Many thanks

Hi, 😆
My name is Lucy, from Hong Kong.
I like collecting cards, stamps, coins, calligraphy, dolls and miniatures. Please use as much pretty stamps as possible.
My favorite movie: Laputa castle in the sky
My favorite people: Phoebe Buffay, Gordon Ramsay, Joel Mckale, Conan O'Brien
My favorite words: dude, wiggle, Claire, bombard
My favorite songs: yesterday once more, 7th element
My favourite flowers: sweet olive, frangipani
My favorite food: seaweed, water, miso soup

My wishes for postcard, which I accept with the greatest gratitude,
→GF card
→postcard with one side filled with low value stamps
→map/flag of where you're from
→pin up girl
→political leader/ propaganda
→signature/landmark of your city with the city's name
→anime or cartoon(*Laputa, Barbie, Peter Rabbit, detective Conan, snoopy, adventure time, and SpongeBob)
→bunny, guinea pig, deer, owl, bear and other animals
→island, beach, ocean and nature
→something comedic
Or any other is fine, I'll be happy either way😊

One the card, maybe write
↠the date and where you're sending this from
↠a little or big secret/ some random facts about you
↠Greetings from...
↠something about yourself/ where you're from,
↠something in your language/culture with translation,
↠what you think about Hong Kong,
↠a little joke,
→Or draw something.
If it's not too much trouble, please send some used stamps too~
I'll always appreciate it.❤

My wishes for souvenir,
→ banknotes and coins
→definitive stamps set
→stamps with bunny, cartoon/anime or colorful
→postal label, postmark, anything postal
→tickets of any kind
→ calligraphy
→washi tapes
→trading cards/playing card/game card
→anything related to Mermaid
→dark chocolate, the darker the better

Also open to direct swap:)You can find me on Instagram @kattie_millie_share

Please write next to the postcard id, the name of the website and my username. I'm on postcross, postcard united and intpostage, and sometimes it gets confusing. Many thanks:)

Thank you very much, hope the card will have a safe flight~