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Обмен сувенирными ложками с символикой городов и стран (souvenir spoon with symbols of the city)

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From United Kingdom / Lancashire / Bolton

Rating: 6365


Postcards 333 342
Souvenirs 12 7
Group Postages 834 909

Personal Info

Real Name Rasa
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 25, 1984

Exchange Preferences

Greeting from..., cards (FOTW, MOTW and National thinks of the country), COTW, WT, WC, MCPS, PWE cards
I was in different postcards project for few years, but decided to try something new :)
i have a scaner, so i will upload pictures :)
My wishlist...
I DON'T like handmade cards, tourists cards and cards with some statues or similar expositions
if you not have nothing simmilar from my favourites, please send me blank cards in envelope

for the suvenires i like stuff witch i can use on the postcards (washitape samples, stickers or simillar thinks). Also like (sticky) labels, unused stamps.
if you have ANYTHING from my wishlist album (listed above) and you like to swap, please let me know :)