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From Germany / Baden-Wurttemberg / Herrischried

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Real Name Elias Schilling
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Jun 1, 2001


Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

Hello my name is Elias

Normally I live in a small village in the Southwest from Germany. It is very nice and peaceful here. Here are many Forests. It is simply perfect to walk with our Dog in these Forests. My Dog is called Max. My Family and me likes him very much.

My second living place is in Ravensburg. Here i live in an big Campus. So Postcards will go to a Main Building, first. And then they will come to my dormitory/Hostel at second. And at last my handlers will give the Postcard in my Dormitory/Hostel, Living Group or in my room to me. This can take up to 5 working days to reach me. But don´t worry, i aim to register the Postcard as soon as i get it.

I like to solve Jigsaw Puzzles with my Mother. Together we have solved about 50 Jigsaw Puzzles in about two Years. Together we can solve Jigsaw Puzzles with up to 2000 pieces. But now we want to take a brake from solving Puzzles.

I like to solve Sudoku and other kind of Puzzles, too.

I love to write postcards and letters to other Persons. And especially i love to make other Persons a gift or a creative gift.

I am a Animal Lover. Especially i love Wolves. They look so beautiful for me. And it is so great they are back in Germany. Unluckily some Persons do not like these special Animals.

Please write your name, postcard ID twice and Date on the postcard.


Please put a ,,INT,, near the postcard ID and the Souvenir ID. As i am also on Postcrossing.