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From India / Tamil Nadu / Chennai

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Real Name santhosh kumar
Sex Male
Date Of Birth May 10, 1979


Phone +91701001313


iam santhoshkumar living with my wife & my 2 kids in chennai city located in south eastern coast of India.

I started out as a stamp collector, now I've recently gotten into collecting postcards too!

I spend time looking up the stamps I receive through post crossing!

Please Tell me about your jobs or some interesting things about your town or maybe even something about the stamps you've used on the post.

Stamped and written postcards are great with me but Any additional used stamps that you can send though envelopes is also very welcome!

My collections are in wide range of stamps but I have a special interest in stamps & cards on themes like

Mahatma Gandhi , Personalities,famous peoples of world
Children day stamps( india completed)
Animals, Insects , butterflies,Snakes
Waterfalls, Nature
,Monuments,historical events,
transport ( aeroplanes, trains, ships, etc.),space
Joint issues,Miniature sheets ,Se tenants
First day covers ,special covers
Various countries coins & currency
PS- please do mention the date and the city you're posting from on your card! :) If possible send multiple stamps instead of using single stamp in card
Thanks so much in advance!
Happy postcrossing.

Door no 3b,plot no 94b, andal avenue,
Gandhi road , Velachery
Chennai, India
Whatsapp +91 7010013193

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