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From India / Tamil Nadu / Chennai

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Real Name Jaisakthivel
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Jun 21, 1978


M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

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2021 Update

German Intpostage member may try to affix the „70 Jahre Diplomatische Beziehungen“ stamp (70 Jahre ist es nun her, dass Indien und Deutschland diplomatische Beziehungen aufgenommen haben.)

Lighthouse postcards, if possible with matching stamps
Olympic and Soccer cards and matching stamps
Postbox/Post offices & matching stamps.
Covid19 related post cards & matching stamps.
UN 75 post card & matching stamp
Gandhi post card & matching stamp

I am a Radio Guy.
Listening to International Radio is my favorite hobby.
My greatest achievement so far is wrote ten books on Radio
I also collect used stamps. I love commemorative stamps.
Recently I am starting to write a book on POSTCROSSING.

Now I am collecting postcards and stamps on Gandhi, UN, Covid-19, Radio, TV towers, Studio, Old/New Mic, Satellite, Printing, Book covers, Magazine covers and related to Mass Media.
My hobby is to collect a communication related cards, which means
Radio Cards
TV Towers
Broadcasting Studios
FM Radios
Radio Sets
Radio Logos
Radio Sticker Cards

Special material postcards and stamps (For example: Tissue paper, Copper, Plastic, Relief, Cork, Magnet, Leather, Wood, Porcelaine, Metal, 3D, PC with hard stamp, Puzzle PC, message in the bottle etc, STICKERS, BADGES, PINS, Europa series, Soccer commemorative stamps, lighthouse stamps, minisheet, special postmarks and maxicard very much. Please put some maximum beautiful stamps for me (^__^)

I also collecting FOTW, MOTW, WT, WOW, HPC, GF, Countries of the World, United the Diversity, Cloud Series, CCUN, ICON, MCPS, Blue cat, Loupaper, MCPS, Covid Warriors, 150 years of postcard, WPD,Map of your city, Museums, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Monuments, bridges, lighthouse and important historical buildings.

My daughter is collecting used stamps of all the countries. Those who are want to encourage her, please send some used stamps to her. She will happy. Her name is Yazhini, and doing higher secondary.