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BL(Boy's Love) postcard exchange
This group is dedicated to collecting and sharing buttons.

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From Russian Federation / Tula / Tula

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Personal Info

Real Name Valery
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Sep 3, 1986


Hello! I'm glad that Inpostage unites us and we have an opportunity to make somebody happy with beautiful poscards, letters, parcеls and kind friendly messages. I like to communicate with people of all ages. My hobbies are: collecting minerals, old botanical books and books with fairytales, collecting stamps. I like nature. Together with my relatives and friends we go hiking, play the guitar near the fire, sings songs. I like Russian nature:forests, rivers, lakes.. I'm really fond of Kamchatka and Kurshskaya kosa. I like handmade things, old porcelain, teddybears..cosy and nice things. I am interested in traditions, myths, festivals and symbols. I will be very glad to get a postcard, a letter or a parcel from you. I know it will be special, because you are special and unique.
If you don't have any ideas about the cards, these are some suggestions..

♥️Something mythical (not scary): mermaids, dragons, beautiful cartoon witches, owls, symbols (Celtic, Druids, Egyptian, Maya..)
♥️National costumes
♥️Night Sky ( NASA)
♥️Famous paintings (landscapes)
♥️William Morris
♥️Anton Seder
♥️Tasha Tudor's illustrations
♥️Victorian ladies
♥️Vintage pictures with old things (retro flat lay)
♥️Douglas Carrel's illustrations
♥️Old porcelain
♥️Pictures with keys
♥️Pictures with whales
♥️Old maps and medieval picture
♥️Pin up
♥️ Old botanical pictures
♥️Night / Aurora views
♥️Views with oceans, forests, seas, deserts, mountains, rivers.. etc. Nature of your country.

Don't forget to write your ID.
If you want me to answer with a nice postcards, write me your address. I will be glad to do it. Best wishes, Valery.

Exchange Preferences

Postcrossing, SnailMail, parcеls with small souvenirs