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Real Name Victoria Freitag
Date Of Birth Dec 8, 1985


I would be happy to receive postcards of any medium and any shape.... ones with or without envelopes, vintage ones, used ones, handmade ones, crafted ones, altered ones, painted ones, felted ones, 3D/pop-up ones, cardboard ones... anything and everything. Feel free to write a heartfelt message, a rant/vent, a secret, leave it blank... whatever works.

Same goes for souvenirs, I'm not picky.

You can ask to become penfriends if you'd care to continue to correspond as well. :)

Some requests I will make (although it is absolutely not required) are that I would like stamps on the postcards/envelopes, traditional ones whether they be the lick-able or permanent type instead of printed postage labels that you stick on packages, those are no fun and they are often so big that they take up most of the card and can be put over any creative parts of your postcards.. however, post offices here seem to have many "prepaid" postcards/envelopes/boxes that come with the postage already paid for when you buy them, so in that case, don't worry about sticking additional stamps on it, unless you're international, so it may require extra postage stamps anyway.

Second request is to please avoid sending me religious things (although I don't mind things in celebration of various holidays - feel free to send me Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, Diwali, etc.). I ask this now as I’ve received postcards that are quite suggestive and militant in regards to particular beliefs and some people have become very pushy and made assumptions. I’ve no interest in that sort of thing and have no intentions on changing my own beliefs, so please respect that.

I'm open to direct swaps, send me a message!

Please note - I will send you a private message through here when a long period of time has passed and I've noticed that you haven't registered my postcard or souvenir.. just in case anything happens where the ID card number on the card or envelope may not be visible, if damage happens to the card, etc. Please remember that postal services can also be unreliable regardless of where in the world you live. I am very understanding of that.

If you've noticed that I haven't registered your card or souvenir after a long period of time, please contact me! If I haven't registered your card, it's that I've not received it.

I'm an ally to any and every disadvantaged, marginalized, oppressed peoples and groups from all over the world. Please consider me a safe person to speak to and private messages with me to be safe spaces.

Love for all ♥

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