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Зачинается рассказ/Тут и сказочке конец.
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From Russian Federation / Tver' / Ostashkov

Rating: 336


Postcards 25 30
Souvenirs 10 6
Group Postages 16 21

Personal Info

Real Name Екатерина
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jul 25, 1975




My name is Ekaterine, my son Tema!

Thanks to everyone who congratulated son on his birthday!
Thank you for the wonderful cards!
Your country and city are beautiful!

Now, even more I wanted to see different countries!

About me: I like creativity and making gifts, love to cook (write recipes, I tell you)))), we have a cat, dog, aquarium fish, turtle.

Son, like all boys interested in: machines and other machinery, computers, Apple, Internet, photography and camera shooting.

We will be glad to any postcard!
For the son of a favorite theme is the night city streets, with or without cars. (In his room hang pictures)

interested to learn about your country, city, about you.
I to see the postcards beautiful places in the world.

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