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Самые необычные открытки!
Sucrology / Glucofilia: sugar sachets collecting and exchange. Пакетики сахара из кафе и гостиниц.
Обменяемся посылками)

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From Russian Federation / Kemerovo / Kemerovo

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Exchange Preferences

I like:
- reproductions of paintings (local artists, Karl Larsson, Albrecht Durer and many others);
- illustrations of @loupaper Louise Neumann;
- bible motives, angels;
- Christmas and Easter;
- literature: writers, quotes, books;
- reading or writing people;
- portraits of Boris Pasternak, Anton Chekhov, Frida Kahlo, Anna Akhmatova and Tove Jansson;
- older people in the photo;
- simple everyday scenes;
- stationery: pens, pencils, paints, writing instruments;
- typewriter or keyboard;
- printing houses;
- patterns, textiles, ceramics;
- alphabet and letters;
- a set of things for one letter or one color;
- working desks;
- hands on the table, still lifes on the table (top view);
- cupboard, sideboard;
- coffee, tea, berry in a blue or yellow cup;
- famous people with their dogs;
- dog of Jack Rassel;
- stands for eggs;
- linen is dried on a rope;
- Peterson and Findus;
- The Simpsons;
- all about Finland - Inge Lök and Mumina, Faser candy and more;
- all about Cyprus;
- all about Ukraine;
- plants (lilies of the valley, clover, monstera leaves, fern, forget-me-nots, mimosa, passiflora);
- bananas;
- trees;
- birds, goldfinch, roosters and hens, chickens;
- lions, camels, polar bears, donkeys;
- medicine;
- fire safety (fire engines, fire engines and cars, historical fires);
- bicycles;
- yellow color.

Do not worry, be happy! )))