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Обмен монетами. Коллекционирование монет. Exchange of coins. Collecting coins.
Postcard Exchange
Значки, знаки, награды, шевроны, нашивки, погоны

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From United States / New Mexico / Santa Fe

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Real Name Selen
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Dec 11, 1971


I am from Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico recently. I have worked as a production coordinator for contemporary art spaces most of my adult life. I love travelling and spending long stretches of time in places. I always visit post offices and send lots and lots of postcards.
I also don't mind the dark side of things so you can be as daring as you wish to be. I particularly don't like cute animals on postcards. I love year round Halloween and Day of the Dead. One of the best feelings ever is finding postcards in my mailbox. My preferences for postcards would be: your city and its famous places, museums around you, natural history, oddities-curiosities, local food, customs, wild life, trains, ships, medical history, art, nature, cemeteries, cinema... Anything that feels authentic to you will be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Lots of love to each and everyone of you.