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From Russian Federation / Krasnoyarsk / Krasnoyarsk

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Personal Info

Real Name Olga
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jun 8, 1988


My name is Olga, I am from Siberia, Russia. I am a teacher. My hobbies are reading, watching films and studying languages. Write me about your culture (holidays, history facts or national typical things) or some words about yourself.

Exchange Preferences

Hi there!
I would like to get anything nice from your country. It might be:
- magnets
- tea bags
- bookmarks
- postcards (written) - all about your country or everything you like and want to show me
- pages from magazines of your country
- something that presents your culture
- earrings
- cross stitching stuff
or something you prefer to send
Thank you!

P.S. Write me in English, Russian, Ukrainian, German or Spanish. Если пишете по-русски, ко мне можно на "ты" :)