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Сигареты-папиросы из разных стран (Local cigarettes brands exchange group)
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From Russian Federation / Moskva / Vidnoye

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Personal Info

Real Name Загорий Екатерина
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Nov 21, 1994


Высшее педагогическое

Exchange Preferences

Hello world of postcrossing! My name is Ekaterina. I would be glad to receive postcards from you:
Animals and birds:
Owls (all drawn and ordinary);
- proteins;
- otters;
- bears (white and brown);
- hares and rabbits;
- wombats, ground squirrels;
-dolphins, whales and killer whales;
-rodents: cute mice.
I love TV shows:
-The X-files,
-Sherlock Holmes (Soviet adaptation, BBC, and Guy Ritchie);
-Doctor Who (I love Missy performed by Michelle Gomez);
-Dr. House;
- The Musketeers (BBC) and the Soviet film adaptation;
Soviet and foreign animation:
- "Hedgehog in the Fog",
- "Crocodile Gena" (Cheburashka is my favorite character)
-"The Bremen Town Musicians",
- "Leopold the Cat",
- "Umka Bear";
- Minions and Despicable Me;
- "He got caught!";
- "On the road with clouds" (especially Dyudyuku - she's just a cutie),
-Pink Panther;
-Chip and Dale;
- "Sailor Moon"
- "Pokemon" and the movie "Detective Pikachu"
-The Lion King (m / f of my childhood);
- My neighbor Totoro;
Soviet and Foreign films:
- space opera "Star Wars";
- "Gladiator";
-The arrows of Robin Hood and the Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe;
-films "Pirates of the Caribbean";
- A series of films based on the books of Dan Brown;
- Favorite actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Lara Pulver, Johnny Depp, Kerry Fisher, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, William B. Davis. Russian actors (Soviet): Margarita Terekhova.

- Postcards of the Hometown, landscapes of the nature of the Homeland with information about your Homeland; Postcards with places of interest (beautiful interesting and mystical places) and a story about them in postcards, legends and fairy tales, etc. are welcome.
- Olympic bear;
Collect art stamps.Beautiful and colorful stamps would make me happy!
In connection with major holidays like the New Year, March 8 and Victory Day, if possible, I will send postcards to the dropped out addresses!
I will be glad to any postcards that you like!
If you want to send a postcard in an envelope (all of a sudden!), Know: I don’t throw away the envelopes, the sent postcard is stored there!
Please do NOT send me postcards with insects and reptiles (I will throw them away!)