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Harry Potter
Обмен открытками на спортивную тематику.

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From Romania / Bucuresti / Voluntari

Rating: 861


Postcards 118 156
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Group Postages 8 13

Personal Info

Real Name Sebastian Raducu
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Dec 7, 1976






Most liked theme:
- Women: art, erotic, photo, real, pin-ups (really appreciated)
- Royal Families over the world
- United Kingdom Royal Family (most liked "young Royal" family... )
- traditional people
- traditional costumes (wedding, religious ceremony and folk costumes)

Exchange Preferences

" I love postcards written, stamped, postmarked, sent through postal system!" and special postmark or Maxicards are welcomed!!!

Most liked theme:

map or flag of country (the most wanted :) )
coat of arms
cartography - if there is (maybe world map, maybe continent map)
Vintage Cars
city views - printed name
local monuments
United Kingdom Royal Family (most liked "young Royal" family... )
Ad cards - only Coke and/or pharmacy
Local and worldwide Leaders - famous People! (Obama, Queen Elizabeth, King Felipe Spain, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Bush, Clinton... any other important and historical person...) - the important thing is that postcard to be sent from country of origin!
interesting places
But, always - anything you like to send, any postcard - it is more than welcomed :)

And please write something , more than "greetings from..." maybe your age, your hobby, outside temperature, currency of the country (and equivalence with eur or $ (american dollars):) anything you want, but, please, write something.

I will try to fulfill your request, try to use beautiful stamps.(flowers or fauna, Europa Cept..), so please you do the same. And also put your name on postcard, and the date of sending!

DO NOT LIKE: Ad cards, self made cards, piece of paper or cardboard sent like a postcard. Also I don't like empty postcards, without any message on it, or only with 2-3 words written. God Bless All of us!