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From Russian Federation / Krasnodar / Anapa

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Real Name Володя




Kingston University (unfinished PhD)


Please see my postcrossing project for 2020 QueeFest - /

Hi, i'm Volodya, born in Bryansk, USSR.

I have a good scanner, am not afraid to use it, and will scan every card that i receive. I also do not mind uploading them from my end. However, if you upload an image and itʼs a true representation of your card, i will promise to keep your work. q;-)=

To all the people, who live in other countries. I wish to sincerely apologise for the behaviour of our current government; trust me, we are not all xenophobic, homophobic, sexist idiots bent on conquest of peninsulas. I am really trying to do what is in my power to counteract the bigotry and imperialistic tendencies here, please do not judge us by what Putin does.

Now a little bit about me: I am an educational worker, a poet, a vegan, an anarchist, a pornographic artist, a prison abolitionist, an amateur genealogist, and much much more. I love to travel, but not as a tourist, i prefer to live in some place for a few years and move on; right now iʼve lived in USSR, Russia, USA, Britain. I also host travellers via couchsurfing and bewelcome sites, in fact iʼve found out about postcrossing from one of my guests; and i also often send postcards to those people who come to stay with me.

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Если пишите по-русски, прошу «на ты», зовут меня именно «Володя», род можно использовать любой.

Дорогие соотечественники! Пожалуйста, воздержитесь от фашистских высказываний, это не смешно.

Please send me the strangest and weirdest card that you have! If you are afraid to send something to people, then i want that card!!!

When you write a number of the card, please append «INT-» to the beginning, so that it is easier to figure out that it comes from this site. So if your number is RU-101, then please write «INT-RU-101». Thank you.

If you don't know what to write, please swear at me. And don't just say "You are dumb" or "F you", be creative. Maybe take a look at this video by Stephen Fry:
Or this:

Please do not send cards with different IDs in a single envelope. Remember that quality is much better than quantity.

P.S. If you want to write a thank-you to the postal lady that delivers my mail in Russian you write: "БЛАГОДАРЮ ПОЧТАЛЬОНА"

P.P.S. I am an anti-fascist, there are fascist images uploaded by other person to my sent postcards. I do not condone such things.