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jacek stefan

From Poland / Malopolskie / Kraków

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Real Name Jacek
Sex Male

Exchange Preferences

I like receiving and sending letters and cards - I particularly like view cards that show means of transport. Thus if you are able please send me cards with
funiculars, trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, (if you are able to get them).
Please no planes, boats, ferries, horse-drawn carriages.
My other hobby is geography and history thus following my interests in history and geography I'm also interested in postcards depicting old-day and present day state borders, especially such as for example the Iron Curtain and the 38th parallel north (DMZ), etc. as well as cards showing landmarks marking the Equator and the Tropics of Capricorn or Cancer, Struve geodetic arc, the boundary line between the continents for instance Asia and Europe, the "middle" of a continent or the "middle" of a country would be welcome as well. That includes also easternmost; westernmost; northernmost; southernmost, highest and lowest points of a given country or continent. Boundary tri-points and even rarest four-points would be great.
If it's not too great a problem for you send your card in an envelope to protect from damaging, with your note on a separate sheet of paper and with many transportation stamps affixed - if possible. Thank you.
I also collect tickets (public transportation). So if you have any spare or used ones (including old ones) please add them to you letter. I'm also fond of old banknotes if you have any spare ones. Thank you.
"I take pride in choosing cards that match your wishes, I always read your profile carefully and check out your favourites wall. I hope you will do the same for me."
Please no Xmas and Easter postcards.
Thank you for reading my profile.