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From Russian Federation / Mordovia / Saransk

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Personal Info

Real Name Natalia
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Sep 27, 1981


University, Foreign Languages Department


Hi there!
I live in Saransk, capital of Mordovia, in the city centre, but I like travelling to other countries. I've been to Spain, UK, Morocco, Finland, China, Malta, Thailand, France, Turkey and many other places. I used to work as a travel agent and kids group leader. I'd like to settle down somewhere abroad for a few months or a year.

My passion are my children. I have Platon, Maxim and newborn Maya. You or your children may send a postcard to my 7-year old son Platon, he will be happy!! He likes lego, robots and plays flute))

Exchange Preferences

I like
💙 drawing, scetching, illustrating, painting (esp. watercolour)
💙 kidsbooks
💙 coffee
💙 circus
💙 epos, folklore, legends
💙 wild life, northern nature
💙 beautiful and intetesting stamps
💙 Happy Birthday cards in September

Please send me any postcard that is YOUR favourite or any postcard that leads to a story! I like stories and good advices where to go and what to see in your city.

If you don't know what to write about
- tell me about your life/work place/room/favourite cafe etc
- tell me what you know/associations about Mordovia/Russia
- draw something
- tell me one of your latest dreams
- tell me what you eat for breakfast
- your like-list
- your favourite country for living and why
I'm registered also in Postcrossing site so please write INTPOSTAGE on your card that I can register it correct!