From Russian Federation / Saint Petersburg City / Kolpino

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Personal Info

Real Name Arina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Mar 3, 1999


Hi, I`m Arina! ♡

• I'm from Russia. I live in St. Petersburg. This city is very beautiful, but very rainy!
• My birthday is June 3rd.
• I have a small family consisting of mom, dad, me and animals.
• I have animals: two dogs and a cat. I love them madly!
• I take a great interest in photos, most of all I like to photograph ountryside. Sometimes I make postcards with photos of nature and my animals.
• My favorite movies are "Hachi: A Dog's Tale", "The Notebook" and "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". I also like Tim Burton's cartoons. They are cool!
• I love winter and summer. These are beautiful seasons. In winter, I really like big drifts and frost, and in summer I like bright sunshine and warm nights.
• I study at college as an accountant. I have a few months left to get a diploma.
• I love pizza, but most of all I like different sweets. Recently, I started collecting tea from different countries.

In fact, I am very lonely. I have no boyfriend or friends. Therefore, I will be very glad if you become my friend and our communication will be long and warm..

◆ And here are some of my preferences:
1. Animals, fishs, reptiles - my love!
2. Countryside, volcanoes, mountains, oceans, seas, lakes, forests.
3. I like the paintings of Gustav Klimt.
4. Winter. New Year and Christmas.
5. Summer. Flowers, fruits and vegetables.
6. Flowers and different plants.
7. Countries that I dream to visit: Norway, UK, Paris, Spain, India, Japan.

☆ I also like to send and receive envelopes with letters! I love to collect magnets and coins from different countries.
☆ I would be very happy to support the correspondence. And I would really like to find a friend in the distance!

Exchange Preferences

Stickers, magnets, checks, tea, charms, cards, calendars, magazine clippings, photos.