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From Taiwan / T'ai-wan / Tainan

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Personal Info

Real Name A-Shuang
Sex Female


Hello,my name is A-Shuang.
My English is not good, may not want to say a complete expression of good, please forgive me.

Hi,I like reading, keeping birds, listening the music and seeing the movies.

I'm so busy that I can't exchange the postcard with you.

I have received these postcards/我收過的明信片:
I have sent these postcards/我寄出的明信片:

Exchange Preferences

Any postcard is welcome, but here are some I'd especially like to receive:

-postcards with buildings;
-postcards with birds; especially cockatiel
-postcards with musical instrument ex:piano,violin ;
-postcards with castles;
-postcard with traditional culture;
-black-and-white postcards;
-postcard with any religion