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I love the world
Stop the War in Ukraine

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From India / Kerala / Thiruvananthapuram

Rating: 2020


Postcards 282 324
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Sex Male


Phone 09656116900

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Will love to see a postcard with scenic spot(s) from where you live :) My themes of interest are flowers, nature, mountain, city view, etc.
Would like if you write something in your language (with English translation). Also, please put date!
Write as much as you can - about yourself, your country, your hobby, wish, dream, etc.
Unwritten in an envelope or written and stamped - do as you like, both are OK.

I like collecting stamps, so plz try to put beautiful stamps :)
I'm looking for pen-pals w/w too.
My interests being, painting, reading, movies, photography, visiting places, etc.
Take care all and happy exchanging cards.

Biju V Dev
H 28, NPP Nagar
Peroorkada 695005
Kerala, India