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Real Name Lai Mun
Sex Female

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I'm Lai Mun(丽雯).

My hobbies are stamp collecting, drawing and badminton.

Feel free to write anything you want to share.
I like watch animation. Could you introduce me some animation from your country or your favourite animation?

I would happy to receive hand drawing on postcard.

My favourite postcard themes:
Natural Phenomena (milky way, twilight, rainbow, aurora ...)
Landscape (mountain, island ...)
Arts (Fresco painting, Stained Glass, rock art, illustration, mosaic, Ivan Aivazovsky...)
Anime/ Cartoon (especially Ghibli)
Whale, Dolphin
Greetings From (GF)
Maxi Card
The Lord of the Rings
Extreme Sport
Native American
Handsome celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee...)

Please date your postcard.


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