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From Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur

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Hi. My name is ShuFen. I lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I like traveling, postcrossing, snailmailing, journaling and reading.

It would be great to get the following types of cards:
- Related to your country: Maps, Flags, Costumes,Landmarks, Food,
- Unesco World Heritage,
- Blue Cat by Irina/Rina Zeniuk,
- Christmas/New Year/Festival postcard,
- Meet up postcard,
- Transport (planes, ships, trains, buses, tram) ,
- Related to post: Postbox, Post Office, Stamps, Postman, Philately,
- Colourful illustration/Tourist postcard.

I prefer written card and with beautiful stamps. Write me something about yourself, the interesting fact about your country or write about the postcard you are going to send to me.

NOT TO SEND me handmade cards or advertising postcards.

Thank you.

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