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fluent Hungarian and English - basic Korean & Russian & Welsh - understand German & Spanish


Hello from Budapest, capital city of Hungary!
I love reading and I'm a librarian in a library with more than 900.000 books... Lucky me :))) Day by day I travel 1 hour to work and same back to home - but I don't care = I can read a lot on the train!!!!
I'm also interested in Historical linguistics and Comparative linguistics and learning languages.

PLEASE never publish photo with my address on it !!!!
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, никогда не показывайте фотографию с моим адресом !!!
ВНИМАНИЕ! Я трудно читаю русский почерк - пожалуйста, пишите печатные буквы! Спасибо!
한국어가 가능하시면 한글로 써주십시오. 감사합니다.

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:))))))) Check my albums to avoid sending duplicates!

My faves:
* Year of the Dog - I was born in the "Year of the Dog" :)))
* Старые советские открытки из СССР
* Художественные маркированные конверты из СССР и России
* Самовары
* sights of your town or country ( from your own place/country, where you live)
* traditional costumes or objects of your country
* ZOO cards
* Birds (ducks!), rhinos or dholes
* Christian cards
* Cemeteries
* Seasoncards - when it's Xmast, NewYear, Easter, Halloween...
* beautiful drawings
* Irina Zeniuk's cat-cards
* 山水画 - traditional Chinese painting
* 씨엔블루, FT아일랜드
* dog breeds of Korea and Japan
* 富士山
..... or choose your fave :)))

Please send REAL card, handwritten with stamps.
And decorate the written side :)))

Please NO adcards, NO "keep calm"-cards, NO Eiffel-tower.
I'm devoted Christian and absolutely satisfied with my God - so please never send me card with note "turn to this/that religion". As I respect every religion of the Univers, please respect mine too. Your God(s) bless you!

Thank you! Спасибо! 감사합니다.. Danke! Diolch yn fawr! Gracias!
Minden jót! = Best wishes!

ps: If you put the card in envelope, it would be really kind if you put a tea bag or used zoo/train/bus/subway/ferry/museum ticket or stamp, etc from your country. :)))))