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!!!!!!!Postcard exchange only!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!
You can write to me in Mandarin, English, or Japanese.

My favorite
-Summer, I hope summer never end.
-Anime, manga, and art, my profile photo is I draw myself.
-Music, I play violin and erhu by three years, but I still as beginner.lol
-Travel, I had a gap year in JAPAN, it's a great memory of my life.
-Mountain, Forest let me relax, hope I can live in a deep mountain, but I still need Wifi, lol
-Eagle-owl, I really love the animal, especially his ear tufts so adorable.

I welcome postcard have
-Natural (Sea, Tree, Star, Mountain...)
-Animal (Dog, Bird, Fish, or other hairy cute animals.)
-In envelope
-Homemade card
-3D card
-Strange shape card
-Any beautiful or special card

Wish list
-Stick coin
(I am collecting coins from various countries, if possible, I hope you can stick a coin on the postcard. If you are interested, I can send you TAIWAN coin with postcard , please send me a private message.)
-NO AD card, please.