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Переливающиеся, голографические, стерео, 3Д и объёмные открытки. 3D Lenticular (flip-flop,stereo,holographic ) postcards.
Открытка + почтовые марки.

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From India / Tamil Nadu / Chennai

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Real Name Vignessh
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Oct 19, 1997


Hello! My name is Vignessh. Friends call me Vicky, Let's imagine we are chatting over a cup of coffee or tea, shall we? :)

I am a photographer and graphic designer.

I want to learn about you and where you live. Please tell me about your hobbies, and your city.

Love to collect stamps!!!

Looking for postcards that show your country's cultures, places, and own cards are welcome Happily...

I personally love FOTW series cards....