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Aya Huang

From Taiwan / T'ai-wan / Taoyüan

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**I'm not good at reading cursive, if you can write clearly, I'd really appreciate it!
***This website is not very stable, I often can't log it may be slower to reply.

Hi there!
I'm Aya~
I love traveling. Especially hot spring trips.
I am also an animal lover and like to observe the peculiar living habits of various animals.
I used to live in Japan for about 4 years, so I can speak Japanese~

preferences in cards:
1. Illustration pictures
2. Animals (especially cats)
3. Food, desserts and afternoon tea
4. Local Meetup card. Or maxicard.
5. <<Star Wars>> and <<Harry Potter>> series.
6. Local Zoo's card.
7.Birthday card for November.
8.日本のみなさん、都合がよければ、地元や季節のフォルムカードを送ってもらえますか?とてもありがたいです^ ^

*If you would like to receive a reply, please leave your address, or send me a message.

Thank you very much^^

**I'm not good at reading cursive script. I'm very sorry and sad if I can't understand the content because of the use of cursive script. After all, the content on each card is written so carefully.