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From Germany / Niedersachsen / Wendesse

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Real Name Wilhelm Nottbohm
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Dec 29, 1966




Dear all, my name is Wilhelm, english William, dutch Willem, lëtzebuergesch Wëllem, Vilém česká, Guillermo en español, Guilherme in portugese, Vilhelmas in Lithuanian, Vilhelms in Latvian, Guillaume en francais, Guglielmo in italiano, Viliam slovak, Vilmos in hungarian, Vilhelmi in suomi, Vilijam in Croatian, Vilhelmo in Esperanto, วิลเฮล์ม in Thai, Վիլհելմ in armenian, Вильгельм in Russian, 威廉 in Chinese, विलहेलम in Hindi, ವಿಲ್ ಹೆಲ್ಮ್ in Kannada & うぃるへるむ or ヴィルヘルム in japanese characters (thanks to all contributors) ...
I am born and raised in lower saxony, the northern, flat part of germany.
My family is living in Wendesse, a very small village of meanwhile 177 inhabitants. Ours is a more than 210 years old farm house, which always needs some reconstruction / repairing.
The next town close to Wendesse is Peine, which was only famous for the still working steel-industry. We are in an area beetween Hannover and Braunschweig, Celle, Hildesheim and Salzgitter, or on a greater scale beetween the baltic sea and the Harz mountains. You might have heard from the Lüneburger Heide or Wolfsburg (home of the Volkswagen) which both are not so far away.
I have twin-girls born summer 2000. Both are active hunters. Katharina is fan of solar eclipses.
I like traveling, sightseeing and hiking and I am always looking for new touristic attractions, especially UNESCO sites.
I am so happy, that I finally found a new love, even if she´s still far away....
I prefer postcards in UPRIGHT (portrait) format, as I used to collect them in my diary.
I mostly like postcards showing your local landmarks, regional sights, scenery, maps or flags, as I am always interested in discovering unknown places, especially UNESCO-sites. Please leave art, meeting and shaped cards to the ones, who like them.
If you have the time to use real, if possible water activated, stamps and get hand (manual) postmark (cancellation) of them I would love that.
It would be nice to hear something personal from you - and maybe you would be able to add some words in your native language?
And surly I like postcards for my birthday, christmas, easter or any feast out there, I do not know, yet.
If you like a reply to your postcard, please specify - I do not promise, but I´ll try to find time to answer, probably from my next holiday-location :-)
Many greetings throughout the world, may your mailbox always be full and make you happy!

PS: in case you look for my address:

Wilhelm Nottbohm int
c/o Marie Madeline Mendy
PMBox 4405
the Gambia

PPS: If you please place nice stamps on the card with enough space around them. And please: AFTER placing the stamps write the adress & text

PPPS: If you are still here, reading: Thank you! In case you know how to make "baked beans" I am very interested

PPPPS: many countries have postoffices for Santa Clause (see: ) - does your home country has one? What is the address?

Last updated 2021.05.05

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