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Обмен интересными фотографиями в стиле Polaroid из различных городов и стран | The exchange of interesting photos in Polaroid style from different cities and countries

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Svetlana Prudnikova

From Russian Federation / Khabarovsk / Khabarovsk

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Personal Info

Real Name Svetlana
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jul 26, 1983




Hello, everybody. My name is Svetlana. I live in Russia, Khabarovsk-city. It is in the Far East of Russia. It needs about 10 hours be car to reach the Pacific Ocean, and about 1 hour by plane to reach Tokyo. Our region has a large border with China)))
I am a mom of three children. Two elder sons and a daughter.
I am a businesswoman. I work as an aerodesigner, I work with balloons. It is a very beautiful job, and I like it)) It is a job and a hobby in one and the same time.
I'm a driver and I like to drive. This is my hobby.
I am also interested in psychology and mysticism.

Exchange Preferences

I am interested in postcards with:
People in national dresses
Strange women
Also I collect cards with "The Beatles")))
I will also be happy to see some images from the world of human mind, feelings and thoughts, psychology and magic. Images with interesting people.
I love drawn images of cats and also photos of lions and owls. I will be happy to see a postcard with a view of your city.
I dont like cards with landscapes.
But in any case, I will be happy to receive any postcard you want to send me)))