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Santa Irina

From Russian Federation / Volgograd / Volgograd

Rating: 99


Postcards 4 4
Souvenirs 17 11
Group Postages 2 11

Personal Info

Real Name Irina
Sex Female




I'm over 30. I love life and all the joys it gives - dances, sport, languages, cooking, painting, calligraphy, origami, music and what not!

Exchange Preferences

I like both envelopes with surprises, letters and postcards. I'd be happy if you include a piece of newspaper in your language (not Russian)), a tea bag, a magnet, a bus ticket or something like that. Only if u want)) I also collect used stamps especially with flora and fauna. As for postcards I enjoy sea & ships, whales, nature - flowers, birds, insects, mushrooms, pets & animals; doors & keys; films and cartoons; magic (fairies, dragons, etc), vintage style, colourful postcards. Thanx for reading))