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Personal Info

Real Name Aleksandra
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jul 21, 1982




Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra.At the moment I live in Lyubertsy with her husband,daughter ,a wonderful dog and 2 parrots.Love to read.And I am an avid collector of figurines,mugs, pocket calendars and greeting cards with dogs. You can find me http://vk.com/pozitivnayaaleksa and @pozitivnayaya

Exchange Preferences

I will be very happy to receive:
// postcard with dogs (any(double, cartoon, cartoon, photo, Rachael Hale, etc.))
// Postcard with wolves (any(double, cartoon, cartoon, photo, etc.))
// Cards with any other animals (photos)
// Postcard with dragons
// Postcard with Mumi-Trolls
// Postcard Alice in Wonderland.
// House, M. D.
And I don't mind envelopes and beautiful stamps ;)
I would be very happy to receive any pocket calendars for any year
statues, mugs, stickers, magnets of dogs and wolfs
P. S. please Write your name
Всегда безумно рада открыткам, магнитам, наклейкам, статуэткам,фигуркам, кружкам, брелкам с собаками и волками. И любым карманным календарикам(Любой год)!
НЕ против конвертов и красивых марок.