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Kingston University (unfinished PhD)

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Hi, i'm Volodya, born in Bryansk, USSR.

I am an educational worker, a poet, a vegan, an anarchist, a pornographic artist, a prison abolitionist, an amateur genealogist, and much much more. I love to travel by living in a place; right now iʼve lived in USSR, Russia, USA, Britain. I also host travelers via bewelcome (hospitality exchange site), in fact iʼve found out about postcrossing from one of my guests.

Unfortunately this site is under the attack by a person who claims to be against the war, but is attacking even anti-war and pro-Ukraine groups. She is also damaging the site by uploading fascist slogans as images of postcards. Therefore i am slowing down and will eventually stop using this website. I welcome you to join Happy Postcard (link below).

1) If you are from the country that uses scripts other than Latin, please add a version of your address in that script. (Japan!)
2) Если вы из страны, где знают русский, всё равно напишите свой адрес на родном языке. (Беларусь!)

P.P.S. I am also on other websites: and, and am developing

Préférences en échange

I am also on other sites, so when writing a number, please prepend «INT-» to the number, so if the site gives you US-101, please write INT-US-101 instead. Thank you.

Если пишите по-русски, прошу «на ты», зовут меня именно «Володя», род можно использовать любой.

Дорогие соотечественники! Пожалуйста, воздержитесь от фашистских высказываний, это не смешно.

I have a good scanner, am not afraid to use it, and will scan every card that i receive. I also do not mind uploading them from my end, but sometimes it does take a long time to sit down and scan everything. However, if you upload an image and itʼs a true representation of your card, i will promise to keep your work. q;-)=

To all the people, who live in other countries. I wish to sincerely apologise for the behaviour of our current government; trust me, we are not all xenophobic, homophobic, sexist idiots bent on conquest of peninsulas. I am really trying to do what is in my power to counteract the bigotry and imperialistic tendencies here, please do not judge us by what Putin does.

Please send me the strangest and weirdest card that you have! If you are afraid to send something to people, then i want that card!!!

Tell me the dumbest law that you have in your country.

If you want, you can swear at me. And don't just say "You are dumb" or "F you", be creative. Maybe take a look at this video by Stephen Fry:
Or this:

I prefer postcards without an envelope and i don't really know what to do with blank cards. But of course, it is always up to you what and how you send.

If you want to write a thank-you to the postal worker that delivers my mail in Russian you write: "БЛАГОДАРЮ ПОЧТАЛЬОНА"


Starting 2024 i will no longer use this website. It has been destroyed by nationalistic spam camouflaging as "anti-war". I believe that the invasion of Ukraine must stop, but attacking random users, some of which are from countries not related to conflict (Taiwan, etc) is ridiculous.

I will still register all the cards i receive. But i urge people to join a website i develop: