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Обмен косметикой и косметическими средствами из разных городов и стран | The exchange of cosmetics and cosmetic products from different cities and countries
Author's postcards of Rina Zenyuk / Авторские открытки Рины Зенюк
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From Hungary / Baranya / Mecsekfalu

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Personal Info

Real Name Attila
Sex Male






I am a 40 years old male and I am originally from the northeastern part of Hungary, but because of work I generally stay in the southwestern hungarian town of Pécs, so am very familiar with both regions. I work in an institute at the university with a chemical and pharmacologic profile, as to my graduation I am a pharmacist.
In my free time, I like to go for excurisions in the nearby mountains and hills and visit interesting museums. I am also interested in wine culture (I have attended some professional wine tasting courses). A like animals as well, but in this time my living conditions are not so that I could have one.
I like and collect stamps too, in the topic of medicinal plants, pharmacy and wine culture (grape, cellars, vineyards).
I am very courios about the other countries and the way of life in them and I would like to visit many more then I have done up till now.

Exchange Preferences

I am rather interested in the following topics (but I like the surprises and if you think that something can be addressed to me, I will be very happy...):

- your town, countryside, the nature in your countryside (landscape, mountains, forests, rock formations, waterfalls, caves, national parks) - multiview cards are welcome as well.
- monuments, castles, fortresses, museums, old and interesting churches and buildings, world heritage sites, streets with special atmosphere
- map, map with tourist attractions
- wine cellars, vineyards
- indigenous plants
- people, folk customs
- locomotives, trains
- ICONS cards
- cards and stamps on the XXIII winter olympics