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Обмен открытками на спортивную тематику.
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From Austria / Wien / Vienna

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Real Name Ekaterina
Sex Female

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Warm greetings from Austria!

I will be happy with the postcard that you have chosen for me.

I love dogs, birds, avocados, papaya, fruit, tea, coffee, cozy places in big cities, cafes and restaurants, shopping, watches, perfumes, detective series, books, postage stamps...

Some examples, if you like to select postcards from the wish-list:

postcards from your country;
city life;
blue colored birds or any birds;
animals in the wild;
art postcards;
vintage interiors, interiors of famous people;
mailboxes and all sorts of postal things;
famous women;
programming, IT technologies;
"Friends", Rocky and Bulwinkle, Litttle My;
from charity foundations (wwf, animal shelters etc.);
Red book;
with quotes, phrases;
motivational cards;
typical travel postcards from any country, including multi-views, or made as if by an amateur photographer - I have a separate collection of clean unsigned travel postcards;
decorated in one color / style;
pink, gold, silver, shiny, glittering, gray, bw;

You can send me double postcards,
greeting cards,
in an envelope or without,
signed or unsigned,
with your drawings, collages,
postcards with a photo you took,
with stickers, washi tape,
reused, old, vintage,
handmade creative postcards,
interesting advertising cards...

I won't be upset if I get a postcard that I already have.

You can write to me in Russian (my native language), German or English.

I wish you a good day!