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Сюрпризная бандеролька
From Russia with LoVe

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From Belarus / Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' / Hrodna

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Real Name Katherine
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jan 29, 2003


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Обычная девушка, которая любит дожди и атмосферу 90's. Смотрит старые фильмы, любит читать книги, и фанатеет по kpop ( amy) 💜🥺

Exchange Preferences

Hello. I would be glad to receive a postcard or a letter from you. Likewise, if we do not stop at one time. I love new acquaintances. Therefore, if you don’t have a mind to talk, something oppresses you, feel free to write, I don’t know, you will hear canceling the advice, but you will receive support. As for me, I'm an ordinary girl. Who grew up on the TV series Supernatural and Friends (My Loves). Also a music lover in music. But there are performers who punished my heart. So a couple of their albums are on my shelves. They are the Korean group BTS, IU, Halsey, and of course the kings of AC / DC and Queen. If the postcards are on one of the themes of music or TV series, I will be very grateful. I would be glad to receive a postcard or a letter from you. Thanks in advance, and have a great day, evening, night.

Ps: baby Kookie