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From Russian Federation / Chelyabinsk / Chelyabinsk

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Personal Info

Real Name Елена
Sex Female
Date Of Birth May 5, 1981


Hi everybody!
I'm Elena 31 y. o. I from Russia and live in Chelyabinsk city.
I like to drink vodka, play balalaika and feed my tame bear)))))))))
I collect coins and banknotes and I love cats. I love magnets with city. Also, I like some legends and myths from other countries. I like postcard with interesting places I love them.

Exchange Preferences

I don't request specific cards, because I will like whatever you send me. And write me something on you language, please (with translation).
So, what I prefere on the cards:
- citiviews,
- something very special from your country
- paintings
- pin-up style
- Wild animals, especially felines
- Famous people
- Architecture
- Beautiful landscapes
- Military technics (planes, ships, etc...)
- Сars, planes
- Multi-view
- Maps
- romantic themes, like couples kissing or cuddling, incl. erotic & nudity too)
- Movie "The Magnificent Century" (Turkey), or a postcard of its actors (Muhtesem Yüzyil (сериал Великолепный век)(Meriem Userli, Okan Yalabik, Burak Ozcivit, Nur Aysan, Halit Ergenç)

A special request, though - if possible, could you attach/paste/tape something local (maybe a coin?) onto the postcard? Thanks!

I'll be glad if you write about yourself, where you live, work (study) and other interesting information about your city and country or you can draw something on postcard. It is very interesting! All that will expand my horizons!

Please write the DATE on the postcard.
I really appreciate that you've read it up to the end )
Have a wonderful day and Happy Postcrossing !!! =]