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Author's postcards of Rina Zenyuk / Авторские открытки Рины Зенюк
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From Russian Federation / Vladimir / Vladimir

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Real Name Аннета
Sex Female


Shirley Paul from PA, I received your postcard, but no ID (((

Hello! My name is Anneta.I love nature, reading, drawing, and to learn languages. Also, I love traveling.

I'd like to receive the postcards with:
- place, views, nature of your country or city
- maps
- retro cards, black and white postcards, vintage
- globuses
- flags
and nice stamps, please =)

I like the postcards with envelope and without it.

Also I like to receive letters.
Write something on a card about your country.
Please, write your name or your signature and the date.

When I send souvenirs, the items have to be flat or the post office charges a fortune to send it. The type of items I send are magnets, handkerchiefs, tea bags, stickers, receipts, recipes, coins or postcards. I would be happy to receive the same type of items from your country.

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