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From Belarus / Minsk / Minsk

Rating: 272


Postcards 26 42
Souvenirs 9 14
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Personal Info

Real Name Olya
Sex Female


Hello! My name is Olya and I live in Minsk, Belarus.
My nickname comes from belarusian adjective "to be loved".
I found the idea of sending postcards and little presents very interesting. That's why I joined this project.

Exchange Preferences

Better send me some soivenirs ;)
If not, I'll be happy to receive any beautiful postcard.
Пожалуйста, никаких советских открыток.

I'll be happy to receive almost everything what you send.
- a map of your town or region
- a list of worth-to-visit places, like unusual cafes with cats or cafes with perfectly baked pizza, museums (of fashion, sport, planes, what else?) of your town (you can mark them on the map)
- tickets (from social transport, museums, theaters),a check from department store
- some lists of a local newspaper (better in english)
- used stamps
- stationery: notebooks, pens, pencils, rubbers (I'm fond of it)
- samples of fragrances, lipsticks, and so on
- tea bags (in package)
- sweets (lollipops or chocolate ones; actually I'm on a diet :P)
I don't collect magnets, pendants from places which I personally have never visited.
If you follow most of my wishes, I'll send you a thank-you card :)