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真实名字 Daphne
性别 女性
出生日期 Sep 30, 2001


I am Daphne, nice to meet you. I became a member of this site because I love receiving cards and letters. I hope to receive many nice cards :) and if you have a lot of time (or if you want to) you could write me a letter (because I love letters).


It doesn't matter what the card is about, but please write something on it. Just tell me about yourself, your biggest dream, your fears, hobbies, bad habits, things you love or that make you happy, your favorite recipe, your favorite passage from a book, a significant quote, a little story that changed your life, Life lesson you have learned, ... ;)

Here are some things I love in case you would like to make the card extra personal: horse riding, natural horsemanship, ice skating, writing, flowers (roses), cooking/eating (chocolate), cats, horses, animals, reading (romantic books or thrillers), drawing, plants, flowers, keychains, flower seeds, bracelets, lucky charms, tea (maybe you could send me a pouch of tea with your letter/card --> ONLY IF YOU WANT), socks, music, movies and post :)

✾The above are only suggestions in case you don't know which card to send. I will be happy to receive any card from you.
✾ If you want me to write you back, you have to add your address ;)
✾ Follow me on Instagram to see my latest outgoing postcards: https://www.instagram.com/post.makes.me.happy/?hl=nl

Can't wait to receive a card from you!
~lots of love from Belgium~

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