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LGBTQ, sexual liberation, equal rights... #129

For people who enjoy sending and receiving cards related to human sexual freedom and diversity.

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Volodya_VA October 19, 2019 at 11:04 AM

Hello, everybody.

This year i have volunteered at QueerFest (the largest in Russia LGBTQ festival, that takes place in St Petersburg). And i had an ide, i would like to do a presentation at this event next year that would at the same time talk about LGBTQ people in postcrossing, and also hopefully to introduce some people to this wonderful hobby of ours.

I have two ideas:
First is to have a wall of LGBTQ related postcards. That people can just look at.

Another one is that i have is to do something similar to what was done at "Postcards Connecting People" TED talk I want to be able to present everybody with a postcard, which is signed for them by a complete stranger.

So, if there are people who would like to help me out with making a reality, here's what i need:

Send me (1) LGBTQ themed postcards making it clear that they are intended for QueerFest, (2) Send any postcard that you think is appropriate in an envelope, and on the card itself "address" it to "A Stranger at QueerFest".

My address:
For QueerFest
ul Mayakovskogo d 146A
Anapa, Krasnodarskiy kray 353451

Для КвирФеста
ул Маяковского д 146А
Анапа, Краснодарский край 353451
Россия / Russia

P.S. I am very much open to ideas about how to make my presentation more interesting, so you can write me a private message if you wish.

Volodya_VA November 8, 2019 at 2:30 PM

I have received two cards to be given to a random stranger at the festival.