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Real Name Mazlina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Mar 6, 1969

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Hello, my name is Mazz.
I am a crazy cat lady.
I am a firm believer that we can build great friendships by exchanging postcards.

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Mazz.
Я сумасшедший кошка леди хахаха.
Я твердо верю, что мы можем построить большую дружбу путем обмена открытки.

Насколько я стараюсь, я могу использовать только Переводчик Google, чтобы написать эту часть на русском языке, как я не уверен, если он перевод правильно.

I love beautiful illustrations. I enjoy reading the stories you tell on your postcards especially if you have pets. Tell me what you enjoy most in life or about anything you like.

If you like to exchange fridge magnets, just send me a message. If you send me something nice I will make sure to return the favour depending on what I read in your profile.

For Postcards :
.Katya Dudnik - she is my favourite illustrator
.Lia Selina
.Nadia Strelkina
.Donald Zolan
.Annette Loginova
.Lena Gnedkova
.Irina Garmashova
.Ekaterina Babok
.Alekxey Dolotov
.Royal Family
.Turtles and other sea creatures
.Strawberries and Oranges

For Souvenirs :
.First Day Cover
.Beautiful Mint Stamps
.Fridge Magnets
.Tea or Coffee

I am on Postcrossing and Postcard United as well so it would be very helpful if you could write IntPostage on the postcards so that I do not mix them up.

If you have sent a card and it is not registered, write to me and I will register it for you.

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Let's be friends.