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Personal Info

Real Name Christina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 20, 1979


I am mostly a stay-at-home mother and wife. I do some side work and projects from home on the internet for work but I am cooking and cleaning and running errands or caring for my family much of the time. I love to travel, read, hike, cook and bake. I love making friends and I enjoy philosophical and meaningful conversations. Learning about the world and other cultures is a passion for me so it is very important to me to do it! Learning is a lifelong endeavor so I try to learn in any way that I can each and every day!

Exchange Preferences

I love getting "happy mail" in just about any format so you are more than welcome to choose what to send but here are some ideas of postcard themes that I would definitely enjoy:

♥ matryoshka dolls
♥ royalty from your country
♥ famous buildings in your country
♥ famous historical figures from your country
♥ tea and coffee
♥ kawaii characters
♥ cartoons or children's literature from your country
♥ maps
♥ art
♥ Victorian and Renaissance era
♥ food or recipes
♥ cats
♥ fantasy creatures (fairies, elves, gnomes, etc.)
♥ something related to the mail
♥ owls

Please know that I will love what you choose to send! Please also write what you would like but, again, some ideas are: about a recent trip you took, what you did today, a recipe you love, what you are doing for the weekend, a poem, etc.

Souvenir ideas that I would enjoy:

♥ tea bags
♥ snacks or small foods (sweet or savory) from your country
♥ used stamps
♥ refrigerator magnet of your city or country
♥ travel and tourism brochures/maps/pamphlets from your city or country
♥ magazine articles, newspaper clippings, sales ads, shopping receipts, etc. from your country--I am curious about it!
♥ pens
♥ memo notes
♥ notecards
♥ stationery

I'm not sure if memo notes, notecards and stationery qualify as souvenirs but I do love them! I also love any type of tea--I'm not choosy about it! I am, again, happy with whatever you choose to send--I think the surprise of it is the best part!

**Please write somewhere on your mail to me that it is from intpostage! I participate in Postcrossing and PostcardUnited as well and I don't want to get anything confused! Thank you!**