Elizabeth Black

From Russian Federation / Murmansk / Olenegorsk

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Personal Info

Real Name Елизавета
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 15, 1987


I am on Postcrossing as well so it would be very helpful if you could write IntPostage on the postcards so that I do not mix them up.


My name is Elizabeth, I am 31 years old. I live in Olenegorsk - this is in the north of the country. It is often cold here, short summers and long winters. We have a polar night (40 days without the sun). I live with my husband, a cat and two dogs.
I like to sing songs in English, Spanish and Russian. I like to read books - 19th century novels. My favorite author is Jane Austen.

I like to write letters and receive trivia in an envelope. I collect postage stamps, pocket calendars, coins, banknotes and Barbie dolls. My hobby is crafts. My favorite movie is Harry Potter, my favorite cartoon is Sponge BoB square pants.

I like to drink coffee, green tea with lemon and black tea with thyme. I am a vegetarian. My favorite food is fruit and oatmeal.

Thanks to the postcards I travel the world. I do not speak English, but in this way I study it.
I want to make a lot of friends around the world.

I wish you a nice day.

Exchange Preferences

Calendars, postcards, postage stamps, Barbie dolls (clothes and shoes), tea, coffee, bookmarks, envelopes and all sorts of little things in the envelope