Elizabeth Black

From Russian Federation / Murmansk / Olenegorsk

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Personal Info

Real Name Елизавета
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 15, 1987


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I am on Postcrossing as well so it would be very helpful if you could write IntPostage on the postcards so that I do not mix them up.
Unregistered parcels:
✉ Код RU-998 (группа #100)/ 16.04.2019 / Russian Federation/SvetaRain19
✉ Код RU-989 (группа #100)/ 10.04.2019/ Belarus/ Jun
✉ Код RU-973 (группа #100)/ 02.04.2019/ Russian Federation/ KayaCatharina
✉ Код RU-16098 сувенир/ 15.02.2019/ India/ priya
✉ Код RU-878 (группа #10)/ 15.02.2019/ Czech Republic/ Люля

My name is Elizabeth, I am 31 years old. I live in Olenegorsk - this is in the north of the country. It is often cold here, short summers and long winters. We have a polar night (40 days without the sun). I live with my husband, a cat and two dogs.
I like to sing songs in English, Spanish and Russian. I like to read books - 19th century novels. My favorite author is Jane Austen.

I like to write letters and receive trivia in an envelope. I collect postage stamps, pocket calendars, coins, banknotes and Barbie dolls. My hobby is crafts. My favorite movie is Harry Potter, my favorite cartoon is Sponge BoB square pants.

I like to drink coffee, green tea with lemon and black tea with thyme. I am a vegetarian. My favorite food is fruit and oatmeal.

Thanks to the postcards I travel the world. I do not speak English, but in this way I study it.
I want to make a lot of friends around the world.

I want to get a lot of cards for my birthday - October 15, Christmas (December 25) and Easter.

I wish you a nice day.

Exchange Preferences

Calendars, postcards, postage stamps, Barbie dolls (clothes and shoes), tea, coffee, bookmarks, envelopes and all sorts of little things in the envelope
Календари, открытки, почтовые марки, куклы Барби (одежда и обувь), чай, кофе, закладки, конверты и всякие мелочи в конверте.
Открытки с изображением:
- Книги, стопки книг, корешки книг
- Гарри Поттер
- Кофе, зерна, кружки
- Кактусы