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Ready to receive mails after been away for a while!^^ I appreciate sender's time in reading my profile, and efforts in selecting postcard/souvenir! I look forward to read your handwritten words on postcards, and to receive surprises.

Mail exchange is wonderful way to know each other from around the globe!^^

Exchange Preferences

**Please indicate DATE on postcards/mails, and write some words about yourself or your day. Real & colorful postage stamps on mails are appreciated.^^

Favorite postcard themes (no particular order):
(a) Odd Sized/Shaped cards,
(b) Maxicards,
(c) Wooden/Textile/3D cards,
(d) Colorful Illustration,
(e) Winter/Autumn Scene,
(f) Traditional Feast/Festival,
(g) Vintage/Nostalgia related,
(h) Wedding/Bridal related,
(i) Culinary Arts/Food Vendors,
(j) Landscape/Countryside Arts,
(k) Unusual Architecture,
(l) Christmas/New Year (in December/January)
(m) Olympics related,
(n) Former USSR/Eastern Bloc Propaganda

Or, you may send the type of postcard which YOU LIKE to receive. (Reflects Who you are & What you like ...^^)

I collect stamps/first day covers, fridge magnets, bookmarks, matchboxes, keychains & handkerchief/scarves. I like irregular sized/unusual postage stamps, stationery sets & colorful stickers too! Or, surprise me with souvenirs from your region/country!