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Vrai nom Laura
Sexe Fém.
Date de naissance 12 janv. 1990



Sur moi

I'm Laura and I live in the countryside of a small town near the south coast of Spain.

I work as a computer developer and I like to go to the gym and to swim in my spare time. I love writing and I do, mostly in role-playing forums, where I "adopt" the personality and life of a character and I push it forward until something causes it to end. I'm also writing a novel, based on a world that I created years ago. As a "writer", I'm a fan of the Game of Thrones saga, The Witcher saga and the Kingkiller Chronicle.

If you are interested in having a postcard pal, send me a private message. And if you sent me a postcard that I haven't registered, please tell me and I'll do.

PS: Please respect my privacy: Don´t publish the back of a postcard showing my address/message on your blog/website. Thank you very much!

Préférences en échange

Please, send the postcard WRITTEN and STAMPED.

I will be glad to receive as a gift any card on your taste. But, I specially love:
— Landscapes of your country
— Gardens, flowers
— Historical
— Famous landmarks, Cultural sides
— COVID-19
— Scientific
— Fantasy
— Animals (but I don't like cockroaches, bats and snakes)
— Cemeteries
— Dinosaurs
— Lantern Press
— Blue cats by Irina Zeniuk
— Shaped postcards
— Set/Box postcard (I have Women in science, Good night stories for rebel girls, Wild animals of the world, Botanicum, Animalium, Bookstores and The art of Disney - green-)

I have discovered new passions with postcards that are not in the topics of my list, so feel free to send a postcard of your likes, not mine. And, if after all you don't know which card to send me, please choose one at random.

Some Requests: Could you write me a greeting o farewell in your language? And please, date your postcard (if it's possible, please add time and weather too). Thank you so much!


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